We Are The Youngins,
And This Is Our Music.

We Are Here To Be A Voice And To Provide A Vision To Anyone Looking For A Helping Hand. We Are Not Here For Ourselves.  We Are Here For Each Other And Here For You.


Our Goal Is To Fill This Community With Those, Who Like Us, Are Looking For Hope, Looking For Purpose, Looking For Acceptance And Even Looking For A Frend.  You Are Accepted Here.  Join Us In This Journey Of Discovery.  A Journey Steered By Loving And Supporting Each And Every Person.


Our Music +


Sometimes The Rain Falls And Clouds Cover, But We Are Here To Change The Weather. As Zæ And Aech Emm, We Are Expressions Battling Our Own Fears Through Our Music And Song. We Are Standing Side To Side Fighting Our Pain, Our Anxieties, Our Depression, Our Doubts, Our Insecurities, Our Mental Battles, Our Fears, Our Nightmares, Our Suicidal Thoughts, And Every Single Problem That We May Go Through. We Are Learning, As We Go Writing And Singing, One Step At A Time.


We Hope You Enjoy Our Music, We Hope You Find Comfort In It.  We Hope Discussing Our Battles Will Help You With Yours.  You Are Filled With Purpose And Your Life Is Filled With Meaning.  You Are Not Alone.  We Are Your Frends, And We Hope You Can Be Ours Too.




Our Music

You Are









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